Part of the show Why is my age important? The title of the show queries the need for an age of the artist to be supplied in the application /proposal process. 
The site specific work fills the space and embodies the ageing form and a posthuman feminist view of time and gender from new and found materials. The work transforms sheets of plastic into a series of large floor based forms which hover between painting and sculpture.
Ongoing exploration of the readymade informs the inflatables, an assemblage of inflated bodies. Produced from flat sheets of plastic, the work is given form by means of inflation, resulting in a form that is created by air that has political and environmental connotations. There is a suggestion of surrender in the sagging, deflating forms that are inherently unstable and vulnerable to puncture. The abject look of a body in the work is a physical manifestation and the mental embodiment of the results of ageing and acknowledgement of the fact that age renders invisibility. 


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