My exploration between the human body and certain materials began with an encounter with polyurethane foam sheets. Physical transformation and the process of temporal change came to be embodied phenomenologically in these sculptural works. This was shaped by my lived experience as an older female. In certain situations, I have felt vulnerable, patronised, and invisible and such emotions find expression in my work through the physical manipulation of the chosen materials and the positioning and lighting of the final works in a gallery space. 
The work at 'The Sink: ageing foam exploration' (2021) is a manipulation of three queen-sized foam mattresses that sit on the wall together in a temporary gallery space called 'The Sink' at the National Art School, Sydney. This work engages with ideas related to the psychological and physical changes in form and identity that take place during the ageing process. There is a silent conversation concerning the transformed body with the material in the making of the work, an expression of Warren Seelig’s concept of tacit knowledge.


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