Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2021 (Finalist)
Mayor's Award Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize
The work questions how the purity of substance connects to an authentic sense of the body and being. My work addresses the ageing female body, and the physical and mental embodiment of the experience of ‘waiting’. An experience which is at once universal and unique for all women.
When encountering my artworks, (which hover somewhere between ‘painting’ and ‘sculpture’) an experience of temporality and the progression of past, present and future is unavoidable. Ideas to do with time and waiting are inherent in the physicality of the artwork, with gravity taking over form and identity, in the same way that it does with an ageing, sagging body.
Working with unconventional materials such as lead, there is an almost magical way of taking unremarkable everyday materials and transforming them into elegant works of art imbued with a sense of both beauty and pathos that immediately captivates attention.


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